CYCLOPS  "TAM" Theft Avoidance Module        






Finally, a no-nonsense anti-theft device that the end user can install. This revolutionary immobilizer uses a Theft Avoidance Module that replaces the starter, fuel pump, EFI or engine control relay in select vehicles. You can have a very sophisticated system installed in less than 5 minutes.

To see a sample installation click here.

The Cyclops "TAM"may also qualify you for up to a 20% discount on your comprehensive vehicle insurance.

Deactivation of the "TAM" is done by a Remote "Code Hopping" Transmitter.


There are no wires and visible signs of an anti-theft system, the "car will just not start". If you are looking for protection without annoying false alarms, the Cyclops "TAM". is your answer.


"Cyclops Theft Avoidance Module"


Simple Plug In Installation "No Wires To Cut"

Remote "Code Hopping"